We are very concerned about the privacy of our clients and visitors. We follow international laws about the privacy of our clients. 

All Credit/Debit Cards

Any details about credit and debit cards and any personal information about our clients will not be sold, shared or rented to any third party. 

Modifications of Privacy Policy

We have the right to change our website policies and terms and conditions occasionally, according to changing laws and standards. So, we recommend our customers to visit these sections to remain updated about any change. These updates are effective as soon as they are made. 

Do we keep any information?

We keep the basic information of our clients, to improve their shopping experience. However, we do not force our clients to provide us with their personal information. 

We keep the following information.

The date and time at which a particular customer registers at our website. The registration form includes personal information like name, user Id, password, client’s address, postal code and other contact information. This data is used to deliver the products and to communicate with the customers. It makes it easier for us to spot returning clients. 

Information regarding visitors of our store is also stored to communicate with them in future. This information may include the pages they have visited, their location and other similar data. 

Do we share the information or our customers?

According to our privacy policy, we do not share, sell, rent or disclose any detail about our customers with anyone. However, the address and contact numbers are shared with the shipping companies to deliver your products. We are also bound to share the information with traditional law agencies investigating any illegal activity. 

Information we do not save

We do not save the financial information of our clients in any case. We deal with the financial transaction through a third party platform. Our customers should not worry about the safety and security of their information under any circumstances. 

Your credit card details are processed through a secure third-party website, which has safety certifications. 

For any further detail, contact our customer care services.