We offer free shipping around the world. No matter how many products you have purchased, you can get them at your doorsteps free of cost. 

We make sure that our clients get the products as soon as possible. However, some items are out of stock, and sometimes we have to prepare a customized product, which can take time. Moreover, we do not stock many products; rather, we make fresh pieces for our customers. We have our warehouses in London, where we stock hot selling products. But most of the products are manufactured according to the demands of our clients. 

We make fresh products, and we have all the materials and designs ready for them to do that within 4 to 5 days. However, if a customer places an order not part of our collection, it can take more time. 

We are based in the UAE, so we will not deal with and take orders from OFAC sanctions countries, according to local government laws. 

If you have purchased multiple products, they will be shown as multiple transactions on your card. 

Our Delivery cycle

Usually, we deliver the products within 10 working days to the given address of the client. Half time is required to manufacture the product, delivery of the product will take the remaining time. 

We use reliable and fast courier services for the delivery of products like DHL and FedEx. If the products are available in warehouses in the UK and USA, we can send the products through postal services. Royal Mail is popular in the UK, and USPS is suitable for the USA. 

Shipping costs

As mentioned earlier, we offer free shipping to several countries around the world. Shipping free.

Import Duties and Taxes

We are not responsible for the payment of local taxes and import duties. The price of the products does not include any taxes. The buyer should check the customs duties and taxes for his country before placing the order. Customs duties and taxes vary from country to country. Some countries are duty-free, while others charge import taxes. So, checking the custom policy is the responsibility of the customer. 

If you need any further information regarding the delivery of the products and shipping charges, you can contact our customer care.